The Last Carefree Day

The Last Carefree Day

The Last Carefree Day
An Oceanic Park Mystery
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Escape to the beach with a thrilling mystery novel featuring evocative beach-town atmosphere, colorful characters, and serpentine plot twists.

Ned Johnston, a middle-aged attorney, has escaped the grind of a high-pressure job by returning to his hometown of Oceanic Park and establishing a small law practice.  He spends his spare time hanging out at Java Joe’s Coffee Cafe, surfing the 21st Street beach break, and listening to music at an old jazz club called the Crow’s Nest.

The carefree days of summer in Oceanic Park are shattered, however, when a client and friend of Johnston’s dies under suspicious circumstances.  Unsatisfied with the police investigation and suspecting a coverup, Johnston starts his own investigation into the death with the assistance of Sophia Ambrosetti, an investigator and forensic researcher.  Their investigation has the effect of stirring up a hornet’s next and uncovers a web of corruption, deception, and murder.


“Cabin’s novel has all the elements for a juicy mystery, and the protagonist’s wide-ranging knowledge of jazz and rock music gives the setting an inviting atmosphere.”  Kirkus Reviews

“This is a fantastic mystery thriller…Readers feel immersed into the town and culture of Oceanic Park, and a truly memorable cast of characters make this story come alive as the author steadily establishes the setting and tone of the narrative before pulling the rug out from under the readers’ feet, and setting them up for a thought-provoking thriller…a must-read thriller this summer.”  Pacific Book Review

272 pages | 978-1-9845-6790-1 | January 10, 2019