A Lonely Journey's End

A Lonely Journey's End

A Lonely Journey's End
An Oceanic Park Mystery
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Sun, sand, and surf meet intrigue and murder when Ned Johnston and Sophia Ambrosetti return in the second book in the Oceanic Park mystery series.

It’s summer again in Oceanic Park.  After the tumultuous events of the previous year, small-town attorney Ned Johnston is back to his usual summer routine of surfing, listening to music, and hanging out at Java Joe’s Coffee Cafe.  At the same time, Johnston is torn between anticipating and dreading the return of Sophia Ambrosetti, the musician and investigator with whom he had worked the previous summer.

Meanwhile, the summer season in Oceanic Park is roiled by anti-immigrant tensions.  A group calling itself the Oceanic Park Vigilantes is conducting an anti-immigrant flyer campaign, and an abrasive talk-show host named Walter Braddock is using his show as a platform for spreading inflammatory anti-immigrant rhetoric.  When the anti-immigrant campaign turns deadly, Johnston undertakes an investigation.  As the investigation progresses, it reveals that nothing is as it appeared at first and ultimately leads to a series of startling discoveries.

In the tradition of classic American detective stories, A Lonely Journey’s End is filled with colorful characters, sharp dialogue, and serpentine plot twists.  The story takes place against the evocatively-rendered, beach-town setting of Oceanic Park.  A Lonely Journey’s End makes perfect reading for the beach or for anyone who wishes they could escape to the beach.


A Lonely Journey’s End: An Oceanic Park Mystery is a must-read thriller you won’t be able to put down.  The twists and turns in the narrative, the socially relevant themes which play on in our own society, and the shocking cliffhanger finale will keep readers hanging onto the very edge of their seat.”  Pacific Book Review

“The highlight of Cabin’s novel is the depiction of Oceanic Park as a place that feels real and lived in. The story also successfully captures the tumultuous post-9/11 politics of the George W. Bush era.”  Kirkus Reviews

254 pages | 978-1-6698-6932-0 | March 16, 2023